Chizuk – Nov. 9 –        Suggested flight – El Al LY 2 – Depart 6:45 PM from JFK – arrive at Ben Gurion, Thursday,  Nov. 10 – 12:30 PM - Board the bus at 1:30 PM

·        Visit Yehudit Tayar at Beit Horon – outside of Ramallah

·        Visit the unique 9/11 Memorial just 20 miles from northwest Jerusalem

·        Arrive inJerusalem. Check into the Leonardo Plaza hotel.

·        Festive arrival dinner at select Jerusalem restaurant. Arieh King, Jerusalem Council - Member and founder and head of the Israel Land Fund will be our guest speaker.


Friday, Nov. 11

·        Visit Oz V’Gaon – Created by Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katzover – See the AFSI Way which AFSI proudly contributed to the park created in memory of the three murdered young men, Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Yifrach

·        Visit Rabbi David Marcus at the One Israel Fund medical facility in Efrat –

·        Visit the Aleh therapeutic pool in Jerusalem at Harikmah 9 (

·        Return to the Leonardo Plaza and prepare for Shabbat. Kabbalat Shabbat services at a synagogue of your choice. Shabbat dinner at the hotel.

·        Ken Abramowitz,President of American Friends of Likud will be our guest speaker.

Saturday, Nov. 12 – Shabbat in Yerushalayim

Shabbat services at the Great Synagogue, just across the street from the hotel, or the Conservative synagogue just a half block away from the hotel. Numerous other synagogues abound in the area and of course, people are free to walk to the Kotel for morning prayers.

Shabbat lunch will be at the Leonardo Plaza, followed by a rest period.

The group will assemble at 3 PM to walk to the Old City where Dan Luria of Ateret Cohanim will have made arrangements for our afternoon visit with a family inside the Old City for Shalosh Seudot and Havdalah.

Klezmer Concert – 9 PM – Avraham Bernshtein, 52 Yirmiyahu St., Romema

Sunday, Nov. 13 – A day in the Shomron

·        Visit AMONA- Elad Ziv and friends. We will continue to give our Chizuk and to exercise all our political pressure to save the threatened community.

·        Visit OFRAH – Meet with Yoav Elitzur to learn about the threat to 9 homes

·        Tour of Beit El with Yehuda HaCohen – visit Arutz Sheva friends. 


·        Michmas – Pina Chama –A new place of rest for Israel’s soldiers. Created through the generosity of AFSI members.

·        Psagot, if time permits. See the encroachment of Ramallah on the Jewish city.

·        Back to the Leonardo Plaza for overnight.  After dinner speaker, Amos Mottes, Chairman of Shinui Kivun.            

Monday, Nov. 14

·        Temple Mount, 7:30 AM  visit with a guide from the Temple Mount Institute

·        Kiryat Arba – 11:30 AM meeting with Security officials

·        Hebron –David Wilder – spokesman for Hebron

·        Otniel – Meet Rabbi Yaakov Nagen, Rosh Yeshiva

·        Kibbutz Saad; Ayalah Porat

·        Har Shemesh farm (Sonnenschein) – Shushi & Moshe

·        Holiday Inn in Ashkelon overnight. Ezri Tubi, from Yitzhar, famous for his Israeli version of the song, Imagine, will be with us for the evening, along with his guitar.

Tuesday, Nov. 15

·        Meet with Josh Hasten, new director of Regavim and commentator on Land of Israel. Explore Sussyaand learn about the Bedouin claims to the land.

·        Sderot –the city in Israel that has been hit with the most rockets from Gaza.  Meet Daniel Berkley for a tour of the beleaguered city. – Visit the Hesder Yeshiva of Sderot and meet with Rabbi Fendel.

·        Return to Holiday Inn in Ashkelon overnight. Travel to G’var Am to install mezuzot.
Shlomo Raanan


Wednesday, Nov. 16 – Former Gush Katif communities with Dror Vanunu and Laurence Beziz.

·        Visit Nitzan– the Gush Katif Heritage Center – continue on to the new community of Nitzan, the Ulpana, and Be’er Ganim, home of our good friend Laurence.

·        Hear the Kibbutz Nitzanim story. Visit the Yemeni greenhouse. Travel to B’nei Dekalimand meet with Rachel and Moshe Saperstein. On to Karmei Katif, Neta, and Tel Lachish.

·        Farewell dinner in Ashdod, Israel’s port city.

·        Ben Gurion airport for flights back to NY. Those remaining are taken to Jerusalem.

·        LY1 – Nov. 17 – leaves BenGurion Wednesday night at 12:45 AM  - arriving 6 AM in JFK