Posted on 3/20/2017 4:00:35 PM
Good News - Omar Barghouti Arrested

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The Tower reports today that Omar Barghouti, co-founder and leader of the anti-Israel BDS movement, was arrested for tax evasion.


Barghouti is an Arab who was born in Qatar who calls himself a Palestinian. He currently lives in Akko, and has taken the best that Israel has to offer - he received a degree from Tel Aviv University - and uses it to promote hatred and violence against Israel.


His may be an extreme case of living off the largess of the Jewish state and using it to try to destroy the Jewish state, but this scenario has played out time and again with "Palestinian" Arabs.


How many Arab terrorists use the Israeli prison system to gain a higher education - normally seen as a path toward economic independence and a decent living standard - and upon their release, use their new-found knowledge against Israel? Literally, thousands!


Israel has improved the lives of its Arab citizens and those in Judea and Samaria by orders of magnitude. Whether by improving healthcare, offering higher education, true religious freedom and greater economic opportunity, Israel has gone out of its way to create the opportunity for a normal life for all residents west of the Jordan River. Unfortunately, many recipients of Israel's munificence use these opportunities to spit in the face of the Israelis, ala Barghouti.


Who can forget the incredible story of Wafa al-Biri, a "Palestinian" woman from Gaza who in 2005 received medical care at Soroka hospital in Israel for burns over 45% of her body from a gas cooker that had blown up.


Her life was saved by Israeli doctors, and after her recuperation, she strapped a bomb to her body and tried to return to the hospital in Israel to return the favor by blowing up the doctor and other medical staff who helped save her. Thank goodness, she was stopped at the crossing into Israel and failed to accomplish her mission.


So, to those who believe Israel has a "partner for peace", and to those who try to force Israel to make "painful concessions" for peace, we can only say, history has proven that there is no partner, and there will be no painful concessions, as there cannot be peace if one side wants you dead.


Disturbing News: Illegal Arab Construction Continues;

Impacts Major Development


It seems as though when it comes to destroying "illegal" Jewish homes, the Israeli government is scrupulous in obeying the law; witness Ofra and Amona just recently. However, illegal Arab building is continuing apace, with the government not taking any significant action against it. This in itself is not unusual, except the specific illegal construction identified in the following Arutz Sheva story is hindering the building of the new Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train line.

Will illegal Arab construction block Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train?


As work on the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Railway continues ahead of its planned March 2018 opening, residents of the Arab village of Beit Iksa are also working to establish facts on the ground.


Located in between the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramot and the town of Mevaseret Tzion, Beit Iksa lies close to the line of the new railway and the opening of Tunnel 3, the longest tunnel in Israel.


Residents of Beit Iksa have recently built a new illegal outpost right next to the entrance to Tunnel 3, potentially blocking the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Railway's planned route.


The discovery was first made several weeks ago by the Regavim organization, a watchdog group which monitors illegal construction and land grabs in the Arab sector.


According to Regavim, less than a month ago, heavy construction equipment and vehicles were assembled just outside of the entrance to Tunnel 3. Since then, work has begun on a massive scale to prepare a large number of plots across the hill for illegal construction.


The construction on the hill has moved towards the entrance to the tunnel, and now has reached a point a mere 100 meters (328 feet) from Tunnel 3's opening.


Because Beit Iksa is located just over the Green Line in Samaria, the Jerusalem municipality lacks the authority to enforce building laws around Tunnel 3. Only the Defense Ministry's Civil Administration, which carried out the Amona and Ofra demolitions, is authorized to carry out demolitions in the area.


Regavim has appealed to the Transportation Ministry and the Defense Ministry's Civil Administration to intervene, but no actions have yet been taken. In the meantime, illegal construction around Beit Iksa has only increased.


Thanks to our friends at Regavim, the government can no longer ignore this particular illegal construction. Regavim (and we) will continue to monitor this disturbing development.


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